Why minimalism?

At twenty something years old, over spending, surrounded by stuff and never really satisfied- I realized that something needed to change. In the last month or so I have recognized that I’ve reached a pivotal point in my life. Lifestyle changes have become necessary and important decisions must be made. Among those lifestyle changes is intense budgeting, only buying what is necessary and saving up the rest.

After reviewing my spending over the last three months, I was dumbfounded…How could I be spending that much money on STUFF? And why wasn’t I satisfied yet? The more I questioned my habits the more I began to wake up. The more stuff I was surrounded by, the more my hunger for it grew. Everywhere I looked, I sensed something lacking. I had everything I needed and everything I didn’t need at the same time. I’ve come to the conclusion that the less “stuff” I have, the more fulfilled I will feel. I know that simply getting rid of things isn’t going to be my source of joy but it will create space for me to do and enjoy what truly brings me happiness. And it is to be noted that the process of de-cluttering doesn’t cause joy directly but it is an incredibly freeing experience.

Embarking on this journey during the holidays has been an incredibly eye opening ordeal. The way I look at material possessions has entirely transformed…More on minimalism and the holidays in my next blog post!

Thanks for reading everyone!